Here's an alphabetical list of some other sites related to magic history readers may find interesting:
Not really about Arthur Lloyd, this is a wealth of information on all things music hall and theatre.

British Pathé YouTube Archive
A huge archive of newsreel footage including many early magic performances.
A fascinating digitised collection of circus and magic posters collected by Jaap Best.

Conjuring Archive
A searchable archive of the contents of many magic books, good for finding specific tricks in your library. Created by Denis Behr.

Conjuring Credits
This searchable archive has pages for hundreds of tricks that cite their origins, inventors and early appearances in print.

The Davenport Collection
A superb and growing resource on the Davenport Collection and wider magic history.

Internet Archive
This huge archive includes digital copies of hundreds of early (now out of copyright) magic books, some even as free audio books.

The John Johnson Collection
Oxford University's digitised collection of 18th, 19th and 20th Century ephemera. Full of searchable magicians' programmes. Now free to use in the UK.

John Giordmaine Tribute
John Pellatt's tribute to one of Canada's best-loved children's magicians. N.B. Best viewed on a computer rather than a portable device.

The Learned Pig Project
Now hosted by, this is a great selection of digitised out of copyright magic books.

Thayer Magic
A private forum for magic collectors to share photos and information.

The Magic Circle
The great magic society, with a wonderful museum and library.

Genii Magazine's superb encyclopedia of magic.

Manfred Klaghofer's Flickr
Photographic catalogue of the huge Zauberkasten Museum (Magic Set Museum) in Vienna.

The Mysterious Planchette
Brandon Hodge's encyclopedic website on spiritualists' tools.

The National Fair and Circus Archive
Housed within Sheffield University, the NFCA is a great resource both digitally and in person.

Wild About Harry
John Cox's blog on all things Houdini.

A German-language magic encyclopedia with many pages not covered by Magicpedia (above). Note: must be translated into English using a browser, such as chrome. Clicking their "English" link takes you to Magicpedia, which has different content.