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Baffler Boxes.

B.B.C. Radio programmes related to magic history.

Bottle tricks.

Boy's Book of Conjuring and The Art of Modern Conjuring (Ralpho and Nikola)

Card in balloon effects.

Chung Ling Soo pressed flower and token.

Cigarette effects.

Coins in nests of boxes.

Davenports coin trays.

Demon wonder boxes.

Deveen (Feature Article).

"Diminishing" type apparatus.

Dove and rarebit pans.

Drawer box magic set (B.G.L.).

Edward Victor matchbox magic sets.

Egg tricks.

Egyptian Cabinet (Blands exchange box).

Ellisdons (down for maintenance). 

Eric P. Wilson (snowman ghost tube). 

Ernest Sewell magic sets.

Fawkes print by Hogarth.

Flash product packaging.