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Twentieth Century Magic by Nevil Monroe Hopkins

Reprinted for the first time in a century, this influential book explored the possibilities of applying the latest scientific principles to stage magic.  Written in 1898, it was the only magic book published by Nevil M. Hopkins, who dropped magic when his career at the frontier of electrical engineering took off.

This new hardback edition has a specially written introduction giving context to the book and its publication. It is a full and unabridged reproduction of the 1904 London edition.

162 pages, ≈ 21cm by 13cm. £14.00 plus P&P. Available here.

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The Art of Magic by William Ellsworth Robinson (later performed as Chung Ling Soo).

This short essay was written by Robinson to provide a chapter of advice and magic theory for his friend August Roterberg's 1895 book The Modern Wizard. It gives a rare glimpse of Robinson's views on performance magic in the years before he became Chung Ling Soo.

The booklet contains a new introduction providing context for the essay. Limited to 100 numbered copies, hand-bound, stitched and trimmed using traditional techniques.

16 pages, ≈ 10cm by 14cm. £3.50 plus P&P. Available here.

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Ernest Sewell and the London Magical Co. by Philip David Treece 

This book details Ernest’s life and career from humble roots, leaving school at fourteen to join the printing industry, through to becoming a B.B.C. radio star and a highly successful entrepreneur. It covers his rise through the ranks of pierrot concerts to becoming one of the leading concert party magicians in the country.

Highlights include:

• His huge 1914 tour of Australasia supporting one of the biggest music hall stars of the age, Harry Lauder.
• His relationship with Will Goldston and Stanley Collins.
• The evolution of the London Magical Co. from a small one-room publisher for magicians to a factory employing seventy people, making toys and games for sale around the world.
• The story of how he found fame with his concert party group the Moonstones, becoming a regular star of B.B.C. Radio.
• His success as a solo performer which led to him being the first magician broadcast on television.
• Information on his magic sets, tying together how and why they changed over time.

78 illustrations, fully indexed. Printed on high-quality satin paper with colour-printed covers. 

80 pages, A4. £15.00 plus P&P. Available here.